Jacobus Handl Gallus’ Musik

Publicerat 1 juni 2014.

Denna sida innehåller noter och ljudfiler för musik av Jacobus Handl Gallus, som ett komplement till artikeln om honom i Tidig Musik Nr 2 2014.

Från Harmoniae Morales

XLII O, mors – Carmina Proverbialia, 232
O Death, how hard, how sorrowful are thy laws.
If there were no death, how happy would everyone be.
Inspelning med ”Singer Pur” | Noter

VI Gallus amat Venerem – source unknown
The cockerel loves Venus – why? He crows when he runs off to her
and when the business is done he crows and runs off.
Inspelning med ”Singer Pur” | Noter

VII Quam gallina suum parit ovum – source unknown
When the hen lays her egg, she clucks beforehand and again
after she has laid down the burden
Inspelning med ”Singer Pur” | Noter

XVLI Linquo coax ranis – Carmina Proverbialia, 110, 259
I leave croaking to the frog, crowing to the raven
and vain things to the vain.
The magpie is pleased with its own chatter.
Inspelning med ”Singer Pur” | Noter

XXVII O quam metuendus est locus iste
Inspelning med ”Ensemble Villancico” | Noter