Swedish Early Music Society

Founded in 1979 and has around 900 members today.

The purpose of the Society is to promote interest in early music, i.e. mainly music from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Baroque. We work to ensure that early music has a place in education and the mass media, and that organizers will have financial opportunities to organize concerts with early music.

The Society’s activities are financed with membership fees and grants from the Swedish Arts Council, both for the basic activities, and for the magazine, which has support as a cultural magazine.

The Society creates early music events around the country, partly in collaboration with festivals and organizers, partly under its own auspices. Examples of events are lectures, courses, workshops, master classes and early music jam.

The Society is the publisher of the magazine Tidig Musik (Early Music). It contains current articles on artists, instruments, research and performance practice, record and book tips The concert calendar includes concerts with early music throughout Sweden.

Every year, the Society awards the Swedish Early Music Award (Mungigan), an honorary award to a significant representative of early music.

The Society has many active members out in the country who organize courses, concerts, game meetings, etc.

The Society is led by a board elected by the members. The current chairman is Staffan Liljas, who can be reached at ordforande.tidigmusik@gmail.com

Swedish Early Music Socitety is a member of Nordem (Nordic Early Music)

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